We at Smoke Screen Mysteries Inc. understand how busy lives can get. This makes it ten times harder to get to do ANYTHING fun. If you want a simple, yet fun Murder Mystery game – you have to do all the planning, the preparation, running the game and MORE. Now, this simple fun game turns out to be pure work. This is where we come in! Instead of the worrying or the craziness – you get to trade that in for FUN! We cover everything, all you have to do is invite your friends over!

Our Story

We are a small business run from Oshawa, Ontario. Always wanting to have a way to get a group of friends together to do a murder mystery party, but never having any time to do the work – was something we struggled with all the time! This is why we wanted to offer a solution to others who feel the same!

Meet the Team

Allison Bunt

Founder and CEO