Naledi has had a rough 26 years. Not only was she born rich, she had to endure a privileged upbringing, but – oh the humanity! – she had to live with the eternal difficulty of coming from an elite background.

Now, at her 26th birthday, this is all to come to an end! She will finally be celebrated the way she deserves to be. Since she doesn’t have any friends, fame, or money, she decided to invite random strangers and people she barely knows to a birthday party they shall never forget.

You are all cordially invited to celebrate Naledi entering the last few years of her 20s, and send her quarter of a century out with a bang.

4-6 Players – $165+

Never is it a dull day in a small town, something seems to always happen – it usually isn’t something good either. Even on an innocent trip to a museum, everything can go downhill. When a precious diamond goes missing from the only museum in town – people start to whisper.

The museum goes on lockdown, all hands are on deck, cameras on…no one can leave the room until both the thief and the precious stone are found. What would you do if you were left all alone with a criminal.

You’re a suspect. They are looking your way. At least you can help them find the thief since you are innocent…or are you?

4-8 Players – $140+